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Meetings & Events


* Want to know more about unit studies and KONOS?

* Want to meet other parents who homeschool this way?

* Want a little encouragement on your homeschool journey?

* Want to share ideas on planning KONOS for your family?

Please come to our KONOS KARATS meeting!


This is open to parents who are using or considering KONOS. These meetings are for parents (play day schedule is below!). Nursing babies only will be welcome, unless otherwise noted for the event. Please contact us for questions, location or directions. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming events for 2009-2010

May 29th, 7-9pm -- Vision & Priorities

June 11th, 7-9pm -- Setting Goals for School, Kids, Life

August 15th, 9:00am-3:00pm -- How to Plan Your KONOS Units! (Saturday)


More events coming soon......!


KONOS Rep. Anne G., May 2004
She is teaching us about vision!

Join us for some fun!
KONOS Karats Play Days
This is a time for the kids to meet and play while the moms talk. An informal time to share KONOS experiences and meet other families using the KONOS curriculum.
Time varies with the time of year.
Upcoming play days 2009:
April 21st -- 11am-1pm
May 20th -- 9am-11pm
June 24th -- 9am-11am
July 22nd  -- 9am-11am
August 26th -- 9am-11am
..More coming soon!
Please contact us for location!

Please contact us for directions or more information about these events.